Our company is established with a joint of two companies which have their unique experiences in their field.

While our one of the founder has been producing products in the sofa and furniture sector since 1980; who moves towards by improving their service quality and product quality by the experiences they gained since their first established day; and our other founder who is a well-established firm in the steel and metal field since 1994 and is preferred in the market with its high-quality products.

Our goal is to generate value in the market by combining the unique experience and deep knowledge of two founder companies.



To increase the number of our patented products with our innovative management by investing in R & D and P & D. To export all over the world, especially to Europe and the Middle East countries; be a company that is preferred with its leading position in the market and being a company that is continuously developing and creating value.


To be the preferred company in the market by the products that we produce; sofa and chair mechanism, accessories, metal legs, and other products; with its high quality, reasonable prices, our extensive support network, and customer satisfaction policies.


  • Uniqueness
  • Sustainable growth
  • Leadership
  • Customer Orientation
  • Communication
  • Development
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